Why to Invest in India

India Grows In Terms Of Demography, Economically and GDP Contribution

Demography of India

If you are thinking about investing in India then one of the best options is Real estate. Once,
you start investing with RNK Realtors you would understand that the value of property grows
consistently with the time, and development factors play a major role. The overall GDP growth rate is 6.6% as per 2017. It is the seventh largest country which is famous for its Real Estate.

India is a country that offers a compatible environment supplying maximum advantages to the
investors. People are attracted to India for the real estate investment because India is likely one
of the largest democratic countries on this planet with the right governing system equally
supported through a robust and transparent legal approach. It additionally supplies legal
protection for property rights.

These days apart from real estate investment property in India no other trade is lucrative and
revenue-producing. Investing in residences or property including accommodations, lodges,
hospitals, educational institutions, and housing and industrial premises.

The government has decreased the minimum necessary area to allow FDI in the real estate
sector from 100 to 25 acres. Furthermore, nowadays the properties are available in the real
estate market with complete investment security.

Economy of India

Every country grows when its economy grows and India is the world’s fifth-largest economy. According to the IMF (International Monetary Fund), GDP growth rate is 6.6%, GNI per capita-7,060 PPP dollars as per the record of World Bank and the Gross domestic product is 2.6 lack crores till 2017.
Advantage of Indian Infrastructure

  • Robust Infrastructural Demand-India require to invest worth around Rs. 50 trillion in infrastructural development by 2022 so that it can sustain the overall development of India.
  • Attractive Opportunity-Infrastructure sectors have an attractive opportunity in your favor. 24 percentage of the Indian National Highway networks built to maintain standard globally.
  • Greatest Initiative-RNK Realtors housing plan is beyond and the ‘Smart City’ plan will add a growth rate to Indian infrastructure.  
  • Improved Investment-Infrastructural sector is one of the largest sectors, where India is investing to improve its growth globally.